Aspiring Bakers 7# - Mini Chocolate Square Cake

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蛋黄 88g (5粒)
水 67g
糖 40g
低筋面粉 120g
泡打粉 2-3g
沙拉油/粟米油 84g

蛋白 175g (5粒鸡蛋)
糖 77g
塔塔粉 2-3g

C - 装饰部分
打发鲜奶油 100g
融化巧克力 100g
巧克力豆 适量
巧克力碎片 适量

1. 蛋白与蛋黄分开,将蛋黄打散与糖40g混合打均匀至糖溶解(不要太用力,蛋黄不必打得太发)
2. 加入水搅拌均匀,再加入油。
3. 倒入筛过的面粉,泡打粉搅拌匀至浓稠。
4. 蛋白与糖80g,塔塔粉混合打发至7分发泡,即可与蛋黄部分混合轻轻搅拌均匀。
5. 用200‘C 烘26-28分钟。(每一个烘炉的温度都不一样,要一直注意烤箱哦!)

1. 蛋糕横切分成2片,中间涂上打发鲜奶油和撒上巧克力豆,两片蛋糕夹起来形成夹心蛋糕。
2. 之后把蛋糕切成小蛋糕形状,用鲜奶油将整个涂满,放进冰箱冷冻10分钟。
3. 巧克力以不超过35-40'c的温度隔水融化后取出蛋糕,将热热的巧克力淋在小蛋糕上。
4. 如果要更漂亮可以把削成碎片的巧克力削撒在蛋糕上作装饰。(这步骤我省略了 ^^")

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Mini Chocolate Square Cake

egg yolk 88g (Approx 5nos)
water 67g
sugar 40g
cake flour/ low protein flour 120g
baking powder 2-3g
corn oil 84g

egg white 175g (approx 5nos)
sugar 77g
cream of tartar 2-3g

C - Garnish
Whipped Cream 100g
Melted Chocolate 100g
Chocolate chips few
Chocolate Pieces few (optional)

1. Separate egg white and egg yolk. Beat egg yolk and 40g sugar till sugar dissolved.
2. Add in water and stir well, add in corn oil.
3. Mix in sieved flour and baking powder and stir till combine and thick.
4. Beat egg white and sugar 80g, cream of tartar till medium peak.
5. 1/3 of meringue mix with egg yolk mixture till combine, add in extra meringue.
6. Bake in 200'C for 26-28mins. (Every oven is not same in temperature,keep your eye on it while you bake the cake, If the cake darken too fast, reduce the temperature)

1. Cut cake into 2 layers, spread with whipped cream and chocolate chips.
2. Cut the layered cake into desired shape with cutter or knife to become mini cake.
3. Coat the layered mini cake with whipped cream and chilled in refrigerator for 10mins.
3. Melt chocolate in double boiler and pour on the chilled cake to form chocolate crust.
4. Sprinkle chocolate pieces to garnish the top. (I have skipped this step ^^")

I am submitting this entry to Aspiring Bakers #7 – Chocolate Delight (May 2011) hosted by DG from Tested and Tasted

PS// you may change the cake to any desired flavour cake by adding in flavors essence.


Coraine said...

Hi ! 小歪 !
I guess you are really young right? HEHE..but you really make fantastic looking cakes!!!
Love all of them..!

小歪 said...


Hello ^^ I am not too young.. this year 21 yrs old. ^^ Thanks for your comment and also compliment! Linked you on my blog :) Love the cakes you bake. Happy Baking :)