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大家好久不见   2018年的第一篇文章来点儿可爱的 

SIMS 3 : My Sims Painting Own Picture (Easy Tutorial Given)

Finally my sims was painting my own "creation" in the game. I'm quite surprise that I could manage to get it done by following brilliant PLUM's tutorial! So you want to get it done too? Just continue to read my humble post! 

2017 - 七月语录

要做这样的女子: 面若桃花、心深似海、冷暖自知、真诚善良、触觉敏锐、情感丰富、坚忍独立、缱绻决绝。坚持瑜伽、养身、读书、写字、听歌、旅行、化妆、摄影,选择适合自己的衣服风格,妆容打扮,有时唱歌、跳舞、打扫、烹饪、约会、狂欢。

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