[Blogging Tips] Instagram feed error? Remove it in one step!

Hello peeps, I'm gonna share some blogging "tips" which I discovered myself today.
Have you ever encountered to install a nice blog template and end up with imperfections. 

I am really satisfied with this nice and sweet minimalist blog template shared by yo!template
It's disappointing that my blog cannot fit perfectly with the instagram feed from the template.

I've tried solutions from the template forums, generated instagram access token, modified the token id and so on and yet the problem still there. Despite from this disappointment I just found another alternative and YES! I REMOVED IT.

Keep digging through the template html and finally I found the code for this unwanted column.
If you used the same or "almost same" template with me, just make sure you find the similar code at the "edit html" page and removed it.

Please make sure you preview your template before click SAVE to make any changes. 

Topic of the day : WHAT IS LATOJA (涵曦) ?

HELLO all my sweet bloggers, today I'm starting my post in a truly different way.

First of all, I'm writing in English. (boo-yah)
Secondly, I'm going to introduce this very popular brand to all of you.

Do you ever noticed recently there is a lot of advertiser for this brand and I wondered if you really know what is LATOJA. 

So, what the x is LATOJA?
Here comes with the boring but a must short briefing.

The Origin of LATOJA
LATOJA was originated from Henkel from Germany, the German company Henkel September 26, 1876 was founded in Aachen, one of the world’s top 500 companies, founder Fritz Henkel.

I'm pretty sure you know "Schwarzkopf" haircare very well, and its originated from Henkel too. 
In 1878 the company moved to Dusseldorf. Henkel’s chemical business focuses on the application. After 140 years of development, Henkel workers from 80 companies expand to become a worldwide company.  In 00′, Henkel works together with Beijing Han Xi Trade Co. Ltd to develops LATOJA.
 and now you have a question, you asked. What is Han Xi?

Beijing Han Xi Trade Co. Ltd is a product research & development production and sale network as one of the diversified skin care research and innovation company, are the new generation Chinese skin care industry style unique, extraordinary potential. Han Xi trade limited company adhering to the ‘quality first, service first, the team first’ business purpose, adhere to the ‘natural, luxurious, pure’ brand philosophy, by virtue of ‘dare to explore, dare to struggle’ spirit of enterprise, take the market as the guidance, take the consumer as the core, the research and development and sale of beauty and skin care products, has an excellent reputation in the industry.
So we finished with the history of the company, so here comes the most important thing.

The company product brand LATOJA, focus on skincare and slimming products.


3 main products of LATOJA (from left to right)
1. LATOJA infant skin serum (婴儿针)
LATOJA compact miniature hyaluronic acid repairing serum (玻尿酸紧致原液)
LATOJA body slimming cream (王者纤体乳

To ensure product safety, each of them was tested 5000 times at multiple skin types and all through chemical testing and inspection to keep record of zero allergies,  more nourishment, repairing, anti-aging, more significantly slimming effect and to enhance the multiple effects of newborn cells.

LATOJA products contain 0% chemicals and made from pure natural ingredients. With research of Royal Spanish Skin, materials collected from various rare essence and cell regeneration components, a new skin care technology is invented give you non-sensitive fresh beautiful skin.

Hereby, we guarantee our products are 100% natural ingredients! Our products has passed the FDA test (Food and Drug Administration) and it’s certified by FDA. FDA is one of the very strict certification in the world.

From left to right,
LATOJA Hyaluronic Acid Reparing Serum, LATOJA Infant Skin Serum, LATOJA Slimming Cream

Please add me personally to obtain the cert. without watermark if you really doubt at the content of certificates.

Last but not least, I would like to share my personally result with you all by using LATOJA Slimming Cream and Hyaluronic Acid Repairing Serum.

You can notice my right face wrinkle (beside my nose)  and acne spots reduce very effectively ! I was shocked to see the result at the first time!

Thats all for my post today, not going to make this post commercialized =)

Dear bloggers, wanted to find authorized dealer? Interest any of these products?
You may contact me personally through wechat/whatsapps

wechat : valeriebabe
whatsapps : +60102266515

Thank you all.
Stay tuned for more informations =)

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