Aspiring Bakers 7# - 第一次的舒芙里 T__T

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这是老年期的舒芙里,皱纹很多 = =“


蛋黄 40g
低筋面粉 40g
无糖可可粉 40g
无盐奶油 20g
蛋白 120g
细砂糖 60g

1. 烤杯内抹油并撒上均匀的西砂糖。
2. 低筋面粉和可可粉筛过备用。
3. 烤箱预热

1. 蛋黄和牛奶用打蛋器搅拌均匀,再加入筛过的面粉料拌成可可糊。
2. 无盐奶油隔水加热融化,趁热倒入可可糊内拌匀。
3. 蛋白用搅拌机打至起泡,分三次加入砂糖,同时用快速打至9分发。
4. 取出1/3的蛋白和可可糊搅拌均匀,将剩余的蛋白全部加入。并用橡胶刮刀轻轻从容器底部刮起拌匀。
5. 将面糊填满烤杯内,将表面抹平,以上下火190‘C 烘烤25分钟左右。
6. 当舒芙里呈现最亮丽饱满的膨胀度时就可以出炉了!《------这个很重要!!

但我却忘记了很多东西,烤模也忘了抹油就撒上糖粉 = =
所以这次的舒芙里是不及格的 T___T 但既然试做了就只好硬着头皮上阵,读者们真抱歉!

我的舒芙里超级不美,口感也没有真正的舒芙里那样软绵绵湿润。。T____________T 但我会加以尝试!期待下次做到Soufffle ~ 在下面的英文版本写了我对于这次失败的原因分析。很少用英文来写部落格,感觉好奇怪。^^"

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This is my first attempt to bake souffle, it had no pretty looking and fabulous texture but I have made it, at least it was not under-baked or collapse like London Bridge :P

credit to Jenn Cuisine on flickr

my not pretty Miss souffle

Chocolate Souffle

egg yolk 40g
milk 120g
low protein flour 40g
cocoa powder 40g
unsalted butter 20g
egg white 120g
castor sugar 60g

1. egg yolk and milk whisk till combine, add in flour mixture and form cocoa batter.
2. melted unsalted butter using double boil method, add into cocoa batter while it hot.
3. in another bowl beat egg white till fairly stiff peak, while mixing add in sugar by portions.
4. Place 1/3 of the meringue into the cocoa batter and mix combine using plastic spatula.
5. Add in the remain meringue and slowly combine till mixture combine.
6. Pour batter and fill in the ramekins, level the mixture and bake in 190's for 25 mins.
7. When you notice the souffle has rise for the maximum level, it can come out from the oven.
And just remember don't open the oven too fast or it will collapse easily!

I am submitting this entry to Aspiring Bakers #7 – Chocolate Delight (May 2011) hosted by DG from Tested and Tasted

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After trying on the Souffles, and I have done quite lot research on Souffles. The recipe was provide by a well-known teacher in Taiwan and I cancel the possibility of recipe fault. After few analyses, I think I have figured out what made me failed on baking a perfect Souffle.

Then I go on to the oven temperature because my oven is not really a baking oven, I used a round convection oven which my mum usually use to roast chicken. Then the temperature is heavenly high and if compare to normal oven, I should reduce the temp 25'c lower than the "real" temperature. Just as I known, I have done this right.

After that I get myself once more into the thick recipe book and found out that I have missed the pre-steps to grease my ramekin but I do dust my ramekins with sugar but it turned out "unevenly". (I still remembered when I saw the uneven icing sugar, I still look back to my recipe book and wondered why the ramekins have so even dusting? LOL) (Fault 1)

Then the next fault is the baking time for my souffle is heavenly long, damn I should have known this but don't know why I am so clueless on that day. Normally, when the recipe baking time stated out as 35 mins with 190'C. I have to add 10 extra mins and reduce 25'C for the temperature to get the right texture cake, but that is only a right way for "normal cake" but not for my Souffle...I should reduce the temperature to 175'C and bake for only 25mins (Fault 2)

You know what I found on the web? It was related to convection oven. If you are using "normal oven", you can leave your products on the lowest rack to bake. But if you are using convection oven like me, (but mine has strong wind which usually make the crust so damn thick = =") you should let your products stay in the middle so that it allows the heat incorporate evenly but not cooked too fast from the bottom. AND now I know why my souffle cannot melted in my mouth.. :( (Fault 3)

These faults are my analyzed for why my souffle failed. Anyway, I am not profession in baking yet I still learning on it. I hope these can helps for those who has bake a "failed" souffle.

Lastly, please look at these pretty rise up souffles ! Looks so heavenly TASTY !! WOW... & this will be my target!! Go Go Souffle!

Photo from flickr

Credit to

PS// I using "Malayysian" English and I hope you can understand it! Sorry for those grammar mistakes ^^""


DG said...

Your chocolate souffle looks good. I bought ramekin from Daiso, but still in my drawer .... hahahaha ... Thanks for sharing with us your experience on baking this :)

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小歪 said...

Thanks, this was not a good product, still need more and more improvement to reach the excellent level. Btw I want to get myself more ramekins, hope that I can find it in Daiso too ^^